Summer Rain

Kateryna from Ukraine

My name is Kateryna. I am Ukrainian student in France. I am a musician and I have been writing songs since I was 16.

I recorded this particular song because it is one of my favourite and because this one was actually inspired by Chris de Burgh's song "The Connemara Coast".

Writing songs is magical: the whole process is thrilling and absolutely fascinating. It all starts suddenly and most of the time you are not even ready for it. And it is part of its magic.

It all comes from something. A sudden inspiration from a sound, a word, a situation, a dream, a song… that makes you feel swept of your feet by a sudden wave of magical creative energy and run to your piano or to your table. This particular song ("Summer rain") was born just like that, all of a sudden, inspired by a wonderful song by Chris de Burgh called "The Connemara Coast". By that time my English was so poor that I couldn't understand what exactly the song was about, but it was transmitting the feeling of harmony, purity and endlessness and for me it sounded like an eternal verity - so new and so familiar at the same time, something that I always have known somewhere deep inside me. And before I knew, I was looking for a piece of paper to capture pictures and sounds coming to my mind. To my greatest amazement five years later I found out that Chris de Burgh actually does have the song called "Summer rain" too.


Summer rain
I never will forget.
Summer rain
Time when we have met.
When you took my hand and when you smiled,
I came into your world free and happy like a child.
And your eyes
Warmed me with the light
It's so nice
In the streets tonight:
To embrace you sitting on the swing
And with you not to be afraid of thunder and lightning.

Rf :
Every night I'll see in my dreams
You standing in the rain
Bright drops and wet leaf on the swing
You calling my name
The rain trickling down from your hair
And pools under feet
In the rain we'll meet anywhere,
I feel your heartbeat.

Summer rain
Bright drop on you lips
Under rainbow
Our tender kiss.
I'm your, you are mine, you're in my heart,
But we'll go our separate ways when rain will stop.

Rf: (repeat)
Every night I'll see in my dreams
You standing in the rain
Bright drops and wet leaf on the swing
Again and again…
I'll be waiting for you,
You'll be waiting for me
In the summer rain.