The Storyman Theme

Dimitra Dourouda from Byron, Greece

Dimitra's the name, music is the game…
And I hope I am not bound… to go underground!

I have been a restless traveller on the Road to Freedom of the Spirit and the Soul paved by the unique Crusader of contemporary music, Chris de Burgh, since 1983, at the age of ten. I have had the great fortune of enjoying him "live in concert" as well the true pleasure and honour of meeting him personally on several occasions in Greece, the UK and Germany. Other influences since childhood include Mike Oldfield, Richard Clayderman, Abba, Ennio Morricone, Yanni and Manos Hadjidakis.

For the past 8 years I have been working as an executive secretary in a private institute for counseling and psychological studies, which has turned out to be a fascinating on-going process of personal and professional development for me. I live in Byron (a municipality named after the famous British romantic poet, Lord Byron), about 20 minutes form the center of Athens, Greece. My street is no longer as quiet as it used to be, this being the reason for deciding to… cheat on my wonderful Ackermann (my old German piano) and record in a studio. Moreover, I always wanted to go through this challenging experience, but I never had a solid… excuse for it, as I am not a musician but an amateur piano player.

"The Storyman Theme" came as a … psychic response to my long ago submitted question to the Man on the Line section asking Chris de Burgh: "Are you planning on recording again an instrumental piece, like the magnificent "When Winter Comes"? The more I would listen to this beautiful melody, the more I grew to love it. Playing it on the piano turned out to be quite intriguing because there was not a clear piano theme for me to follow, but a fully orchestrated melody, so maybe my piano playing may sound rather simplistic. This piece always carries me away to a place of total relaxation and tranquility, that's why I decided to practice it first in the studio (I was going to record 3 more tracks). However, as soon as I saw the microphones hanging next to me and put the headphones in my ears, I got totally panicked, so we had to overdub it! But I finally reached this one and only place of esoteric peace and bliss. Thank you, Chris!