When The Rain Stops

Allen Eu I-Luen from Singapore

Greetings, my name is Allen and I'm an amateur songwriter from Singapore.

'When The Rain Stops' was infact triggered off by two lines in Chris de Burgh's 'The Snows Of New York' that left a very deep impression on me,

"And when there was just one set of prints in the sand, that was when you carried me."

I want to be that person to carry my loved ones.

As a songwriter, I have always admired how Chris is able to conjure up wonderfully vivid imageries that speak volumes with his words. Combine that with his very expressive voice and memorable tunes, like many others I'm sure, I'm always touched by the sincerity in his music. I am not a singer by a long shot, but still I hope that someday my songs will be able to heal and encourage its' listeners, just like Chris de Burgh's.

Hope you enjoy 'When The Rain Stops'.

Lyrics (English translation - original is in Chinese):

Your sky's been darkened for quite awhile now
Your day's as cold as night
Curtain calls upon your strength as Time passes on
Insensibility surrounds the sensible
Makes a path turn to many
why can't I see you in your reluctant future

Who can say they really know when tonight's stars will appear?
It shouldn't bring you down so much
As there'll always be sunshine after the night's rain

When the lucid rain stops
Will you still remember? "It isn't your wrong" I whispered
I'll always be a kite to accompany your sky
So don't carry the world in your little heart
Even on a cloudless day, there might just be a rainbow somewhere
There will always be....