Basil Ganoselis from Athens, Greece

My name is Basil Ganoselis and I come from Athens, Greece. I am 27 years old. I have studied electronics and taken several courses in music throughout the years. I play the piano and the drums. These days I am mostly focusing on making my own music which includes a few pop-rock songs and also instrumental pieces written for various styles of ensemble like solo piano, chamber ensemble, as well as electronic music which I record using a synthesizer (all sounds on ‘Liberty’ were produced by that same Japanese synthesizer excluding the vocals). Some of my music can be found on my website: I'm not used to singing and this is my first ever vocal recording, so I must kindly ask for your tolerance.

My admiration for Chris de Burgh's music began in 1992 when I first heard the song ‘Crusader’ which in my opinion remains the best piece of music ever written (and I'm not talking about just pop music; Felix Mendelssohn’s ‘Die Erste Walpurgisnacht’ is the only thing I've since heard to compare with this song's musical perfection and emotional stimulation). Besides that, a great portion of my favorite songs are CdeB songs, including my favorite love song, ‘Satin Green Shutters’. I've been to a CdeB concert once in September 1994. It was actually the first rock concert I attended and among the most memorable. He hasn't played in Greece ever since and I haven’t had the chance to see him while travelling abroad either. Even though this text is addressed to the worldwide elite of CdeB fans, I dare to declare I'm one of Chris' greatest fans and to challenge anyone on any sort of quiz about his music.

‘Liberty’ is not my favorite CdeB song (the trilogy ‘The Revolution / Light A Fire / Liberty’ is one of my favorites but mainly because of the first two parts). The idea, quite evident once you've heard thetrack, was that the repeated instrumental part could be suitable for a dance piece. I initially made this cover version many years ago when I was still a teenager and into dance music (I hereby would like to apologise for the picture being nearly as old but I honestly couldn’t find a more recent one without my hair covering my face; it appears I've never been photographed on a non-windy day!) About a year ago I dug the song up and made numerous corrections to it in order to send it to the website for the tribute cd. Being a man of the last moment, I booked a studio only 3 days before the deadline for one hour in order to record the vocals. It was obviously not enough time but I had to consider the money as they do rip you off at those places.

Anyway, I hope my humble contribution will at least be considered somewhat imaginative and that the song's playfulness will not be taken as some kind of sacrilege. ‘Never forget what they have done’ but peace is more valuable than history and we should all be celebrating for a finally peaceful Northern Ireland!