In A Country Churchyard

Kreuz und Quer from Hagen, Germany


My name is Corinna Strick, I'm a huge Chris de Burgh Fan since 1984 and member of the Gospel Choir "Kreuz & Quer" ("criss-cross") from Hagen/Germany since the year 2000. We meet once a week to sing Gospels (Contemporary and Traditionals) and temporal songs that are digged out by our conductor, Susi. She has a very good feeling to shift fun and joy for us and quality for the audience. You can book us for weddings, birthdays, chrismas-markets, concerts......................

At my church wedding, I really wanted "In a Country Churchyard" to "walk slowly to the altar"... - I knew I'd love to have it since my CdeB-beginnings! Unfortunately from this day there's no recording left! As this song means such emotional memories to me, I'm lucky now having convinced Susi and the choir to take part in the Tribute Project with me. The high number of Chris de Burgh Fans in the bunch made it a bit easier ;)) The song was recorded life in our home church. Maybe you like to visit us any time in Hagen or in the web: