A Spaceman Came Travelling

Maude Chevalier from Geneva, Switzerland

I listened to Chris de Burgh since I was born, in 1980! My parents were Chris's fans, and they transmit me their passion! Now, the concerts and the new projects of Chris the Burgh are a "family affair"! We always go together to see him, and it's a great moment to see us all together. For me, the voice and the songs of Chris mean much more. When I was 15, my father left home. It was a very hard moment for our family. But each time I listen to Chris, I can feel again the lost harmony of my childhood, where love and happiness fulled our days.

Moreover, I began singing with Chris de Burgh's songs. When I was 16, I took my mother's guitar and tried to play Chris's songs. For every Christmas, I sang his songs for my family. He gave me the passion for music and for singing. Now I write my own songs, but Chris stays in my heart when I sing.

About me, I'm finishing my studies in the Faculty of Arts in Geneva, Switzerland. I'm studing philosophy and spanish. Beside my studies, I work in a language school : I'm teaching french and spanish. I like… no, I love my job!! I learn every day talking with people from countries all over the world.

Now about my projects, I actually sing in a countryband (if you want to see our webside, look at but it's just for fun. It's not really my kind of music, but I enjoy playing with my friends. As all my family, my band and my friends live in the North of Switzerland, a region called "le Jura", I want to leave Geneva with my boyfriend to return to my origine… And we are planning to move at the beginning of 2008. I'm excited! I have to finish my Master, and then, I want to go on with teaching. I would like to do something with my own songs, but for the moment, I only play for my family, giving them all the joy and emotions I can.

Well, as always, I'm talking too much! So to conclue, I'm a sincere fan of Chris de Burgh, and I thank him for everything that he give me, and for everything he is.