Broken Wings

Lore Müller from Lohmar, Germany

I have the feeling "Broken Wings" is one of these songs in which Chris de Burgh expresses some of his own experiences. Perhaps that is the reason why I've always loved that song from the very first listening on CD in 1992. As I had never heard it live, I took my chance and asked CdeB at the special occasion in the Westfalenhalle Dortmund 2004, to sing it - and he did :-) That's why I have chosen this song as my tribute to Chris de Burgh.

I am so happy to be part of this project, and to be able to say "Thank you, Chris de Burgh, for what you do with your voice, your songs and your spirit."

Thanks to Yvon, Canada, for providing the sheet music, thanks to studio Mehling for the guitar-playback and recording my voice.