Last Night

Duff from Liverpool, UK

My name is Duff and I currently live in Liverpool, although that is not where I am originally from. The song was recorded on a PC using Cubasis, in a spare bedroom and other than the drums it was all recorded live, one track at a time. Chris De Burgh's songs cover a wide range of styles, both musically and thematically, and the ones that have moved me most are those which speak of how war impacts on us all. Songs such as "Borderline", "Say Goodbye to it All", and "Transmission Ends". "Last Night" falls into this category, describing the celebrations of the troops coming home after battle but reminding us that the motivations for these celebrations differ and that not everyone benefits from the aftermath of the end of war. The song takes on a greater meaning at this time when troops are returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and whilst some have reason to celebrate, some will feel their loss more keenly.