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Sergey Butovsky from Minsk, Belarus

I am Sergey Butovsky. I was born in 1983 in Minsk, Belarus, and since my childhood I've been fond of music and singing. When I was a baby I calmed down when I heard singing. After school I studied classical guitar at musical college and then I entered the university to study vocal, but the situation has changed and now I study computer music, though I continue to play the guitar and sing. I also compose music, in general, it can be characterized as rock ballads. At first, I used the poems of Longfellow, Brusov, Gumilev, but now I have a good poet who is my wife. She composes philosophical poems that have the same mood and feeling as my music. (Now we are waiting for one more member of our family, and happiness is around us). Actually, the music of Chris de Burgh helped us to find each other. I'm very glad to take part in this competition, as my sweet dream is going to come true.

I decided to do acoustic arrangements and record only guitar and piano. All vocal parts were sung by me and female vocal parts were sung by my wife.