Transmission Ends

Nils-Ole Finbak from Bodø, Norway

My name is Nils-Ole Finbak and I come from Norway. I live in a town called Bodø above the Arctic Circle! I've been singing and playing for years (mostly at home) and also writing lots of music! It's only the last couple of years that I've been recording my music (in our family's little "homestudio")! A lot of these recordings have found their way to the Web. My music page on has a lot of my music as free streams/downloads ( I play all the instruments myself and am not sure what I like best, guitar or piano!! Anyway, I love music and A LOT of Chris de Burgh's songs are among my favourites. My all time CdeB - fave is "Discovery", which also is my first submission!! The other two I've chosen ("Transmission Ends" and "Waiting for the Hurricane") have, just like "Discovery" been "performed" at home by me for years!!!

I hope you find something interesting in my recordings!

Nils-Ole Finbak!