Welcome to www.chris-de-burgh.co.uk, a website dedicated to the music of Chris de Burgh.

This website contains a full discography of Chris de Burgh albums, as well as lyrics and audio clips for all the tracks Chris has released over the years. There are also video clips of lots of songs, along with explanations from Chris on why he wrote certain tracks, taken from the magazine of the Chris de Burgh fan club "The Getaway Gazette", scans of which are available to read as well. The archives of "Man On The Line" are also available, where Chris answered over 1,000 questions from his fans.


"During these extraordinary, deeply worrying and difficult days and weeks ahead, many of us now have to stay at home, self isolate and do the opposite of what humans normally do in troubled times, which is to gather together and share our concerns, and I have the utmost respect for the Health workers who are doing so much to ensure our well being."

"To keep spirits up, we are all thinking of ways to spend these days separated from others, so I would like to lighten the mood by suggesting that I will sing and post a different song every day this week, recorded on my iPhone, (so the sound and visual quality may not be great!), and select one each day from your requests... so please send me some ideas, thanks!"

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Summer Solo Tour 2020

Rockware is pleased to announce Chris de Burgh's Summer Solo Tour taking place in venues across Germany in 2020. Experience the intimate magic of Chris playing solo. Further information at the link below. Chris can't wait to see you!

Read more about the tour on cdeb.com

Classic Albums Tour 2019

Chris de Burgh will perform two of his most outstanding recordings, back to back and in their entirety, on his Classic Albums Tour, 2019.

One is my most successful album in terms of sales, and the other is one I particularly enjoyed the writing and recording of, he explains.

The first is his 1986 release, 'Into The Light', which Chris had shrewdly envisaged could be the record that might place him fully centre stage as an international artist - and so it proved, thanks to one song in particular: 'The Lady In Red'. It was the composition which finally established him as a known singer-songwriter around the world and has since become an undeniable evergreen classic.

It achieved No. 1 status in 47 countries, including the UK, reached No.2 in America and has now sold in excess of 8 million copies. To this day, it remains one of the most played songs on the planet; in America alone, it has been the recipient of six annual ASCAP (Association of Composers and Publishers) Awards, presented to acknowledge it as among the Top 20 most played records in the United States in a period of 12 months.

The second album is 'Moonfleet & Other Stories', from 2010, which took Chris on the most ambitious, demanding and evocative journey of his long career which, by then, had resulted in albums sales approaching 50 million worldwide.

I gave myself the biggest challenge in writing and recording that album, it was very difficult but, ultimately, great, great fun to have done that.

Its entirely appropriate to call 'Moonfleet & Others Stories' a tour de force, not merely since it comprises 20 original elements (including the writing of an orchestral overture by Chris), but because it√Ęs a fully-rounded and realised musical suite based on the book, by English novelist J. Meade Falkner, from which the album takes its name.

Between them, 'Into The Light' and 'Moonfleet & Others Stories' encompass 36 tracks and a combined running time of 122 minutes of music, which Chris will perform in concert with full band. As always, the aim is to connect - and also, now, to re-connect - with my audience and take them on a musical journey.

Read more about the tour on cdeb.com