The Legend Of Robin Hood

"The Legend Of Robin Hood" is singer/songwriter Chris de Burgh's twenty-second original album, released in September 2021 by Rockware.

You can order The Legend Of Robin Hood or the Deluxe Edition (With Bonus Disc) on Amazon UK. The Bonus Disc features 8 live performances of tracks from previous albums: The Hands Of Man, Bethlehem, Lonely Sky, The Spirit Of Man, Homeland, Cry No More, The Lady In Red & Don't Pay The Ferryman.

The concept for the album emerged from 'Robin Hood', a stage musical about the infamous Sherwood Forest nobleman and his band of outlaws. Chris was invited to contribute storylines and melodies to the musical. "Since I was writing songs for this," he explains, "I thought 'Why not expand the story and put an album out, too?'"

"I learned a great deal from 'Moonfleet', particularly how to set out a story in sequence," he says. "If I had a problem advancing the story in song, I'd just go and read the book again. This time I had to create my own version of this classic tale. In my story, Robin Hood is not a hero, but circumstances and injustice to others turned him into the hero that is now known all over the world. He initially comes across as an obnoxious young man in his late teens, but he subsequently shows a different and compassionate side and the qualities of a born leader."