The Speech To The Outlaws

I stand before you here today,
A once proud now humbled an,
And come to you in friendship, I swear it on my hand.
I know that as a Nobleman, I am all that you despise,
I will not offer empty words or sanctimonious lies,
For I have faced the hangman's noose,
And I praise the hand that cut me loose,
And thank the knife that gave me life again,
For when a man is close to death,
And he can feel the Reaper's breath upon his neck,
Then something has to change,
And as for me, now I have seen, the hunger, pain and misery,
Of you my fellow travellers on this road,
I give you my word, I give my oath,
I'll give my life to set you free,
For courage is our greatest hope,
Our enemies will feel the rope,
For we will light a fire this day!

A blazing fire that will endure long after we have gone,
A fire that men will talk about and celebrate in song,
A fire so bright that it will blind the sight
Of those who seek to break and crush,
And take away our spirit and resolve!
We'll light a fire!


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