In Sherwood Forest

And so it came for Robin Hood to cheat the reaper,
Escaping the noose,
A knife would come to cut him down,
Giving him back his freedom.

Oh how all the people cheered,
Cursing the King so hated and feared,
Oh how all the people sang,
And praised the hand that saved him.

Ah lalala..
It was Marian's hand that saved him.

And in the forst he did hide,
Outlaws and Marian there by his side,
With much to do to show those men,
He'd be the one who could lead them.
So he vowed that he would fight for them,
Giving his life for the rights of men,
Seeking injustice wherever it lies,
Showing the ways of warfare.

Ah lalala..
Showing the ways of warfare,
Teaching the skills of warfare.


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