The Duel

So Robin Hood lay in his cell in such despair I dare not tell,
Gisbourne stood there at the door,
Drinking wine and mocking!
You are my prisoner, not my friend,
And on this you can depend,
I'll take your lands and I will have your Marian!
So I'll have another cup of wine, enjoying every moment!
Now I've got you where I want you,
There is no escape this time,
You must think of me as cruel,
But for all the times we've had before,
And now your life is over,
I will challenge you to a duel.

We will fight to the death,
And then we'll see who is the best,
You always thought that you were better!
So pick up a sword and you will get your just reward,
My trusty blade will settle this forever, yes forever!

Then blades were flashing in the sun,
With parry and thrust it had begun,
And soon it was Robin's fight for winning,
For Gisbourne lay there on his back,
With Robin's sword against his neck,
Then Robin said you're not worth killing,
Oh but as he turned to walk away,
Gisbourne stabbed him from behind,
And on the ground the blood was spilling.

Then an arrow let fly, catching Gisbourne in the eye,
It came from the bow of sweet Marian,
And then as he died, she ran to the side of her Robin
Who was mortally wounded, oh oh oh...
Mortally wounded in her loving arms he lay.


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