Only A Child

She's only a child, just a child,
She's only a child, so very young,
Now I'm here, what has my father done?
He's forced me to take this girl as my bride,
And to follow my duty on this, my wedding night,
Only a child, with all her life before her,
I know what I must do, and now I'll have to tell her,
This wedding bed is not for me only a child.

Listen I will not hurt you, I will not harm you,
I will be gone by the break of day,
For nothing in the world would make me want to stay,
I see you tremble, fear is in your eyes,
How will it be on your wedding day?
Some men would take you, but that is not my way,
This is your bed, and in the morning,
I'll go to fight for my God and King,
So far away, who knows what the future may bring?

So keep yourself for one who can love you,
Hold your heart for someone who cares,
I will be gone, I may never be here again,
Only a child, she's only a child.


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