April 2nd, 2007 seemed like an ordinary day. Chris de Burgh fans from around the world waited for the next installment of Man On (the) Line. However, this day was not an ordinary day; this day was special. This was the day that Chris de Burgh answered John Voorpostel's question. In a nutshell, John asked how CdeB would feel about a tribute CD containing songs inspired by him.

After six successful tribute CDs, there was no tribute CD in 2006. We stopped making them because people seemed to be getting burned out. 2007 rolled around and still there was not a lot of noise about making another tribute CD.

But, then came John's question. The excitement returned! Questions, answers, and comments flew back and forth between the members of the 2005 committee. Can we do this? Are there enough talented fans out there to make an entire CD of inspired songs? Should we just do the normal cover songs?

Well, the answer was obvious. If we cannot decide on one type of tribute, let's do both: one CD with cover songs and one CD with inspired songs. I was a little worried about getting enough submissions for the inspired song CD. Silly me… The response was incredible! The number and quality of the songs (both the cover songs and the inspired songs) blew me away.

For me, personally, the best part about the tribute CD is interacting with my friends from around the world. While many of us have helped on the CDs for years (some all the way back to the first CD), others are here for the first time. A more wonderful group of people, I cannot find.

We're back!

After a one-year hiatus, we are excited to announce the 2007 Chris de Burgh Tribute CD Set, Volume 7. Enjoy!

Lance Johnson
Chair of CdeB Tribute 2007

Mastered and engineered by: Cesar Quintero
Choice of tracks (listening panel for cover CD): Brian Morton, Morten Rose, Ziad Tauk, Diana Sanz and Claudia Gerike
Choice of tracks (listening panel for inspired CD): Cesar Quintero, John Voorpostel, Ulrich Hellenbrand, Bree Donovan, Sabine Engelhardt
Booklet design: Ulrich Hellenbrand, Christian Craughwell, Ammar Ouwaida
Cover Graphics by: Christian Craughwell
Choice of cover graphic (graphic panel): Axel Jeder, Morten Rose, Diana Sanz, Lisa Hertlein and Sabine Engelhardt
Website Design / Communication: Astrid Nolde-Gallasch
Distribution: Chris Williams, John Voorpostel, Ziad Tauk and many more