All For One

In A Country Churchyard

Heike Henke from Melle (near Osnabrück), Germany

I was born on 29th February 1968 and started listening to Chris de Burgh's music nearly 20 years ago. During a walk I've heard the song "The Traveller" through an open window and fell in love with his music and voice. In June 2000 I started to learn the guitar by myself and since January 2001 with a teacher (Susanne Lanvermeyer, 36 years). When I heard of the second Tribute CD project, I asked Susanne if she wants to do a song with me. I chose "In A Country Churchyard", because it is a wonderful song (and easy to play for a beginner!) and a great story. I did the main singing and guitar playing and Susanne did the background vocals and the guitar picking. It was great fun to play and sing and just such a big challenge to find out how to record a song without a perfect equipment in a "good" quality :-) !