All For One

I'm Counting On You

Desirée Castell from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

I was born on July 16, 1974 and I started singing and entertaining at the early age of two at various home gatherings and also at home nursing homes. During my childhood I have sung at countless jamborees, fund raisers, concerts, school musicals and talent shows. At the age of eighteen I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to study voice, record demos and appear on stage on numerous occasions. Since November of 1999 I moved back to Halifax, and have since been working for an entertainment company called "Gemstone Entertainment". I sing back up for such artists as Annick Gagnon, John Curtis Sampson and Trina.

I chose to record "I'm Counting On You" because it has always been one of my favorites. I always loved the words and the images the words present in my mind. It is very mystical and introspective, looking at how things have changed and what our children of today have to face in our world. Also, how much our new world depends on them and what they want to achieve in life and what they believe. This would be my translation of what the song is about. I also found the song to be a good song for me vocally. It was recorded in the same key as Chris recorded it in.