All For One

Making The Perfect Man

Axel Jeder from Aachen, Germany

I'm a student of mechanical engineering, born on 24th October 1973 and I live in Aachen, Germany.

I have been a long time lurking member of the Chris de Burgh mailing list. Seeing the enthusiasm that fans of music can develop for such a thing as this tribute CD, has completely stunned me. I have a lot of respect for those who dedicate so much time into this project. And I was also very surprised at the quality and dedication of the contributions from the first tribute CD.

So I thought to myself that it isn't fair just to listen, I should also try to give something from myself. This is why I chose to take part in this project.

There is no special reason for the choice of my songs. "This Waiting Heart" (which can be downloaded as a bonus track) and "Making The Perfect Man" are two strong titles with a slightly different musical style, yet both are quite upbeat kind of songs and I enjoyed recording them immensely.