All For One

Two Sides To Every Story

Morten Rose from Hvidovre (near Copenhagen), Denmark

Line Palle Jørgensen from Hvidovre (near Copenhagen), Denmark

Morten Rose (26 years old):

It wasn't my idea to record the song "Two sides to every story", it was my backing singer Line. For a long time she has wanted to do a duet with me, and actually I felt a little pity for her, so I decided to do it. And what a bright sparkle I saw in her eyes when I gave her my "yes" for the project. And then I thought - If Chris de Burgh can use his backing singer in a duet, then so can I.

Line Palle Jørgensen (30 years old):

I have known Morten since he was only 13 years old. Already then I secretly spotted his budding talent. And I knew that someday he would make it big. Ever since then I have tried to stay in his presence to support him the best I could and to be a part of his success when it finally came. Morten has worked with many great artists so when he asked me to join him on the first tribute album I was thrilled and honoured. Playing with Morten is one thing, but singing with him goes beyond anything I ever tried in my life. It was so inspiring and I really felt our talents merge - his deep felt vocal penetrated me at every rehearsal and I left the studio exhilarated yet exhausted by his overwhelming force. I am proud to be part of this, and I hope that there will be many more tribute CDs coming.

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