All For One

Saint Peter's Gate

Rüdiger Hanke from Münster, Germany

Daniela Braun from Aachen, Germany

Katja Overbeck from Moers, Germany

Marietta Hülsken from Münster, Germany

Heike Meyhoff from Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Ruth Orenstrat from Düsseldorf, Germany

Heike Henke from Melle, Germany

Astrid Nolde-Gallasch from Rösrath, Germany

We're a group of 8 German friends/fans, aged between 23 and 35, who have met through the Chris de Burgh mailing list. We already participated in last year's edition of the tribute CD, so we tried our best to be on this 2nd edition too. Our particular recording took place in an old barn of Katja's farm in Moers/Germany. Miles around there were only horses, dogs, cats and Katja's children listening to our singing and playing. It was great fun and we didn't do badly, considering that the lack of a real studio forced us to record the whole song in one take and we had never practised before.

We chose Saint Peter's Gate, because this one is a favourite and it is really great fun to sing at the top of our lungs! There are no solo singers in this track, as we found the sound of us as a choir suited the song better. Heike M. and Ruth play the guitar, Astrid and Marietta play the rhythm. Again we were lucky to have RĂ¼diger as the world's most patient sound engineer!

The other song that our group recorded on this day was Where Peaceful Waters Flow.