All For One

Room In This Heart Tonight

Brian Morton from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Brian is a 35 year old singer/songwriter who lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He has had a 22 year long relationship with De Burgh's music ever since discovering the "Spanish Train" LP at an Aunt's. In the early 1980's he managed to get his hands on a Rickenbacker 12 String electric guitar, that at one time belonged to Chris De Burgh himself! Tragically, this priceless instrument was lost in a fire in 1991. The high point of his singing career so far was the opportunity to sing with Chris in September 1996 in Toronto and in London, Ontario in April 2000. He is keen to try another song, but is hoping to be invited next time! Brian was the chair of this years' CDEB Tribute CD commitee, and he is looking forward to hearing next years version.

See you in 2002!

Brian chose the unreleased De Burgh song ROOM IN THIS HEART TONIGHT, because it was a song that he learned through the internet, and was therefore a perfect number for an internet based tribute project. With luck, we will one day see the commercial release of De Burgh's own recording of this song. Through the wonderful magic of multi-track recording technology, Brian performs all instruments and vocals on this song.