All For One


Alin Aylin Yagcioglu from Istanbul, Turkey

My name is Alin Aylin Yagcioglu. I am an Armenian from Turkey. I'm 26 years old and single. I have been a Cdeb fan since 1989. I am an English teacher, an opera singer and a flutist. Right now I'm teaching English in an Armenian community school, but I'm going to give up because I don't like dealing with the troubles of education.

Now I'm in search for a band because I want to earn my living by singing. Besides the opera, I like jazz, rock and latin. I also like dancing and swimming. I have a few poems as well.

I met Cdeb's music in 1989 with the videoclips of his two songs "Sailing Away", "Tender Hands" and "Missing You" on TV. I was 14 then :)) I rushed to the music shop and bought his album "Flying Colours". He's my favourite musician, singer and songwriter since then.

It was very difficult to decide on the song, but in the sheet music that I had in my hands (The Great Songs of Chris de Burgh-2 volumes / Wise Publications), I didn't have much choice.The tones of most songs in that book are for the male voice (As Cdeb writes it for his voice). Therefore, it was not possible for me to sing them without transposing the tone. We didn't have time to do that, so I was left with Borderline, which is also one of my favourites. Recording the song was an amazing experience for me. One of my friends who is an instructor at the conservatory played the piano, and I sang (at least I tried to :)) I hope most of the friends on the mailing list like it.