All For One

The Head And The Heart

Benjamin Ryberg from Lundby, Denmark

I'm a thirty year old "kid" from Denmark. I have been a "Chris fan" for many years now, starting from Spanish Train, Crusader and so on.

I am what you could call a real amateur musician. Playing the guitar, the bass, the keyboard and sometimes a little singing. I enjoy very much making music on my computer because of all the opportunities. I play the bassguitar in a local pop/rock band and we have a couple of performances this summer.

I have a lovely daughter, she's 6 years old and she's filling my life with joy and happiness. She's the greatest thing that ever happened.

The head and the heart means a lot to me because it describes the start of my relationship to my lovely and beautiful girlfriend. We tried to "work it out" for a long time, not being direct and not saying exactly what we felt and wanted. We ended up sorting it out and today we are planning to start a life together, a very exciting period for us right now, like the head and the heart.