Simply Human

Say Goodbye To It All

Gregor Lisson from Havixbeck, Germany

Michael Kesch from Havixbeck, Germany

Dear Chris de Burgh-fans!

In 2004 Michael from Havixbeck and I (from Warburg, Germany) were lucky to make a contribution to the current tribute CD with our version of "Songbird". Being fans for so many years now we decided to continue recording other songs and met on a day in July 2005 to do so. It took us nearly eight hours to record five tracks. At the end we were content with the recording of "say goodbye to it all". Chris' piano version actually was important and a help for me when arranging that piece for guitar. It also might be interesting to notice that we've choosen the key of E flat major.

We do hope you like the result.

Gregor Lisson