Simply Human

Up Here In Heaven

Ina Stöcker from Düsseldorf, Germany

Hi - I'm Ina Stöcker (,36 years old and live in a town near Cologne, Germany. Chris de Burgh's music accompanies my life since about 25 years now. This is the second time I take part in the Tribute-projekt. Singing and recording the song was a great pleasure to me - it's great to "feel" the music and to concentrate only on singing, I like this studio-work very much!

Thank you to Juliane Ehl (guitar), Bernd Poppinga (sound design)and a big thank you to Martin Knieper (complete mix)who gave his energy too, to make this song special and let me feel good and relaxed during the recording.

I have chosen "Up here in heaven" because it's one of my favourites since I heard it first. And - as Chris de Burgh said during his "The road to freedom"-Tour - "You can't write enough anti-war-songs!" He's so right with this statement and if more people would listen to things they say to each other and talk together, there would be much more peace in the world. We should give our children the opportunity to live in health and peace.

Have a nice time everybody :-) !
Ina Stöcker