Simply Human

Satin Green Shutters

Diana Sanz from Berlin, Germany

Nicole Buhr from Berlin, Germany

Nugie (30) moved to Berlin some years ago and by chance installed herself in the middle between Diana's (40) home and her music school. Funny enough in a town of 3,5 million people!

We talked about doing "Satin Green Shutters" together this year a long time ago, but never really made plans for realizing it. So Diana first recorded her piano and the vocals with her piano teacher and then we added Nugie's guitar much later. We practised little together and didn't create a "real" arrangement for the song - hope you don't notice it too much. We promise to do it better next time. ;-)

To be honest, it wasn't a democratic choice, as Diana chose it and Nugie played along. ;-) But we both like it very much and really, really would like to hear it live one day...