Simply Human


Bree Donovan from New Jersey, USA

Bob Dylan once introduced a song by saying, "Here's a song I wrote that tells a story, if ya like stories…" I think he is one of the greatest, although he claims he was just carrying on a tradition. He doesn't see himself as the legend most of us do. That's how I see the Castle Walls album; a collection of lush, imaginative tales carrying on the tradition of story telling through music. Goodnight is unique in that not only does it tie together all the other songs on the album, but it also stands alone as a sincere, heartfelt song, a single strand within the larger fabric of the tapestry. It is a lullaby, a wish, and a dream.

Bob Dylan also said, "I'll let you be in your dream if you let me be in yours." That is what Chris de Burgh has done throughout the years-plug in to those dreams that are universal, and at the same time so very personal. I think all of us see pieces of ourselves in his songs. We take them with us as stories for the road trip of life.

I guess then, I've just shared a little about myself! I love a good story, I love music, and most of all I love to dream, "What if?"

Many thanks to Philip Nolte for his fine picking, and his master mixing. I believe I "Triple Dog Dared Ya"! ;-)