Simply Human

The Head And The Heart

Tomasz Jarmołkiewicz from Chełmno, Poland

I’m a 30-year-old teacher of English from Chełmno, Poland. 10 years ago I married the most beautiful girl in the world. She gave me the sense of my life – my son. They’re the reason why I hope to wake up again and again, and be able to say I love them so much.

Ever since I met my wife I have been in love with Chris’s music, too. “Lady In Red” was the first Chris’s song I heard, and then played in Polish version (of course, for my pretty wife). Since then, I have translated many of his songs into Polish. As a teacher, I often use Chris’s music to teach my students not only English, but also sensitivity to the world around.

The songs I have recorded I dedicate to my beloved one and only. Honey, I will always carry you like a fire in my heart. But hadn’t it been for you, these words would be nothing else than just another set of carefully chosen letters.

Tomasz Jarmołkiewicz