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Separate Tables

Fredrik Magnusson from Varberg, Sweden

Hi! My name is Fredrik Magnusson, I'm 30 years old. I live in Sweden, where I work as halftime nurse, halftime musician.

During the 90-ties I played keyboards and was the singer in the Swedish electropop-duo Café. I've always admired the songs of Chris De Burgh. In fact, from the very first time I heard "More than this" (from the "Man on the line" - CD).

"Separate tables" (from the "Power of ten" -CD) is a very special song to me. Perhaps my all-time favourite De Burgh song. I still remeber the first time I heard Chris singing it, on the swedish television program "Söndagsöppet". (Sunday open) (April 3rd, 1992)

I've recorded a quite different, more upbeat / electronic version of the song, with me singing and playing the instruments. A big thank you to Jan Johansson (recording engineer).

I hope you enjoy it, as much as as I did, singing this magical song.

Thank you, Chris, for writing such a masterpiece, among all your other masterpieces!

Best regards Fredrik Magnusson Sweden