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Here For You

Gabi Lidell and daughter Julia from Norderstedt, Germany

My name is Gabi Liddell, I am 46 years old and live in Norderstedt, which is in the north of Hamburg. I'm a fan of Chris de Burgh only since "Quiet Revolution". I have known his music before, at least the most obvious ones, like "Lady in Red", "Missing you", "Don't pay the Ferryman" but was never really into it. Then I won two tickets for the Hamburg concert of the QR-tour and at the moment Chris appeared on stage, I was lost. Don't ask me why - it just happened.

Since then I was lucky enough to go to many concerts (not as many as others, but enough to keep me "satisfied"). I even had the chance to meet him a couple of times. Along with the concerts I have made a lot of beautiful memories, since my husband Lawrence, who likes Chris' music as well, and I usually used the concert-dates for long weekends away. So Chris' music is not only giving me pleasure by listening to it, but by remembering a lot of beautiful moments going along with it.

My daughter Julia is 16 (by the time the CD is ready, she will be 17) and normally lives with me. She has only become a fan since the last album "Road to Freedom". The first song she liked most was "Rose of England" but she very quickly discovered "our" song "Here for you".

When I said before, she "usually" lives with me, then because at the moment she is in Virginia, USA. She is living there for one year as an exchange-student and you now may understand why we have chosen to participate in this year's Tribute-project with this song.

We did the recording of her part a little time before she left and recorded my part later. I don't want to forget to thank Dominik and Sebastian for their work of creating the playback and their patience when we recorded my part.

The photo above actually shows my daughter and me at the airport at the day of her departure at the 18th of August 2005, just a moment before she went through the gate.

Thank you Chris for making this song!

Cheers Gabi