Simply Human

Hey there! Welcome back again! Pull up a chair and stay awhile!

Well perhaps it feels more then just a tiny bit anti–climactic, after all of these years that we have been producing this annual CD, but once again I feel that we have much to celebrate. So let’s get this show on the road.

The 2005 edition celebrates the brightest and best voices from all around the world, who have put their hearts and souls into the words and music of one of the greatest songwriters of all time. The results are clearly a labour of love for all involved – you can hear it in their voices.

It gives me great pleasure therefore to helm this year’s edition of the Chris de Burgh Tribute CD. Once again our dedicated committee have done their best, and this marriage of our efforts and the brilliant talent out there, has produced something fine and memorable.

As always, we encourage everyone to get involved with our project, so please consider recording and submitting a track of your own. Also, this completely fan generated project, lives or dies on the unpaid work of its organizers, so trust me, there is always room for more partners in getting it out every year.

I remain grateful for the friendship of my fellow committee members, many of whom have become very dear to me indeed. This year’s edition celebrates that friendship even more, and I am so glad, (gentle reader), that you have supported this by giving it a listen.

Light and life

Brian Morton
Chair of CdeB Tribute 2005

Mastered and engineered by: Cesar Quintero
Choice of tracks (listening jury): Diana Sanz, Cesar Quintero, Morten Rose, Axel Jeder and Katja Overbeck
Booklet design: Diana Sanz
Cover Graphics by: Ehsan Jaferi
Choice of cover graphic (graphic jury): Astrid Nolde-Gallasch, Morten Rose, Lisa Hertlein, Ulrich Hellenbrand and Lance Johnson
Website Design / Communication: Astrid Nolde-Gallasch, Diana Sanz
Distribution: Chris Williams, Kathy Hobson and many more