One Planet One Love

Oh My Brave Hearts

Ulrich Hellenbrand from Mainz, Germany

For the creation of the booklet and the website of the tribute CD we kindly ask you to also submit a little "bio"
Okay, let's start writing a bio ...

- Who are you?
I'm Ulrich Hellenbrand, 30 years old *sigh*

- Where do you live?
Born and raised (and still living) in Mainz, Germany. All fools come to Mainz when it's the right time. Someone said, a fool is a man who doesn't care. So, if someone calls me a fool ... I don't care.

- What was your first CdeB Song?
Well, there was a song called "Lady In Red", I heard it on the radio and ... blah blah blah ... I think nearly everybody knows this story ...

- What was your first CdeB album?
I joined a local band in 1988 (as a keyboarder, fortunately not as a singer ...). We wanted to write our own material, but everybody had a different musical taste. So we decided that every band member should listen to each other's ten favourite albums. One of them was "Far Beyond These Castle Walls". I liked it. In 1989, I bought my first album ("Spark To A Flame").

- Why did you chose your song?
Last year, Diana told me that there were quite a lot of female singers and a whole bunch of ballads in the contest. The next day I was listening to the "This Way Up"-Album ... that's all.