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Just A Word Away

Erwin Adriaenssens from Asse, Belgium

My name is Erwin, I'm 32 years old, I live in Belgium near Brussels, where I work. Since September 2002 I'm the (very) proud father of an adorable boy, named Torben.

My wife Saskia and I wanted the birth announcement to be something really special and original; that's why we decided to record a CD and send it to our family and friends, instead of a traditional birth announcement card. The choice of the song wasn't very hard: the lyrics of "Just a Word Away" couldn't be more appropriate! I discovered this song when I was young and I always said that if I ever became a daddy, I would sing this song for my child. This is the kind of song that gives you goose bumps.

The recording of the song went very well thanks to the professional help of Andy Janssens and Eric Melaerts. Reactions of our friends and family were very positive and that's why I didn't hesitate to register this song for the Chris de Burgh tribute CD, once I found out about this project. I'm very proud to be part of it!