One Planet One Love

Watching The World

Bree Donovan from New Jersey, USA

Phillip Nolte from Idaho, USA

Hey Ya'all! My name is Bree Donovan. I am a (VERY!) aspiring writer living in the U.S.A. (New Jersey) to be more specific. With any luck, I just may be in Ireland by the time you are reading this! I HOPE! I HOPE! I was fortunate enough to meet up with Phillip, (a FABULOUS musician!) while doing research for a (AHEM!) book I am writing. I choose "Watching the World" to honor the memory of someone very dear to me. When he came from Ireland to the US to visit, we would all go: me, him, his sister, her husband, kiddies, dog, ("and the cats and the boot!") down to "Cooper River". We would take off our shoes and just sit and sing this song with wild abandon! It's a great song that reminds me of a time I will treasure forever. To me, that is the true power of a Chris de Burgh song. They say when a person exhales; it takes years for that breath to circle the universe. If this is true, then all of our voices raised in song, even those who have gone before, are still circling the world on the wind. A very special THANK-YOU to Phillip, "Master of da mixin'!
"Si'ocha'n Leat!" (Peace to you!)

Greetings fellow CdeB fans! I am a potato scientist (hence the philosophical ties to Ireland) who is also an amateur musician / recording engineer. Got my first guitar in 1964 and have been playing ever since, mostly folk and blues. I met my wife, Lucinda, in 1970 and our very first date involved guitars and singing. Our musical partnership lead to performances by the two of us at more than 50 weddings over a period of two decades. I've been fooling around with recording since 1999 and have put together an amateur, basement recording studio which I call "SpudCellar Productions." I met Bree online (we've never met face to face!) in regard to some potato questions that she had while researching material for a novel. We found out about a mutual love of music and the recording of "Watching the World" ensued. What many of you might find interesting is that the vocal was recorded by Bree in New Jersey and the instrumentals were done in my studio out here in Idaho. Ain't technology grand?