One Planet One Love

Missing You

Shadi Kharouf from Aleppo, Syria

Hi, my name is Shadi Kharouf. I am 27 years old, a mechanical engineer, Syrian, but working now in Kuwait. :(

I started with Chris de Burgh from the age of 11 with the song "Carry Me" and by the time I realized that I'm living Chris de Burgh's songs every hour in my life. All I ever wanted in my life is to see him personally, and when the year 2000 came I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that Chris de Burgh will come to Lebanon (near Syria). So I was in the first row, I sang with Chris de Burgh for 3.5 hours and the audiences hated me for that :). It was Thursday 14th September 2000, since that time I hold the ticket in my wallet.

"Love Songs" was the first album that I dedicated to my fiancee (my wife now) so i chose "Missing You".

I had a band and I sang in Syria for 6 years and in all my concerts I sing for Chris de Burgh. The audiences like me the most when I sing for him . I'm working now in Virgin Megastore Kuwait and everyday I play in the store one of Chris de Burgh's albums.

My wife loves Chris de Burgh and she calls him "Baba". Finally me and my wife see Chris de Burgh as the most sensitive man in the world and we wish to meet him in person, at least to be in one of his concerts :). Thank you Chris de Burgh .