One Planet One Love

Just Another Poor Boy

Dorothea Hölz from Germany

Hi to all! My name is Dorothea, I'm 31 years old and I'm a fan of CdeB's music since 1987 when I first listened to his song "One word (Straight to the heart)". During this time I joined a couple of fan clubs, enjoyed writing letters with other CdeB fans and participated in many concerts of course. Very good memories I have from that international fan meeting taking place in Dublin way back in 1992 and those four concerts in a row in the RDS. Crazy time! Anyway, I don't have much time (and money) for those kinds of events anymore since I begun to study medicine three years ago in Marburg / Germany. I started playing the guitar about eight years ago but unfortunately never had any guitar lessons and made it up all by myself and by the "helping hand" of some friends in Ireland where I lived and worked for three years about six years ago. Why did I chose to play "Just another poor boy"? Well, it's just a song I can play quite easily on my guitar and it can equally be played by a man or a woman. I like the story in this song: starting with so much hope and desire that other people try to destroy - and indeed, it looks like that they are successful but: in time (if the song had a fifth verse - in my mind it has) there will be another boy (or girl) continuing to spread his / her ideas of freedom and love for everyone in the world! Every regime has to fall when the time is ripe.