One Planet One Love

A Night On The River

Heike Henke from Melle, Germany

Susanne Lanvermeyer from Melle, Germany

We (Susanne Lanvermeyer 9th October 1964 and Heike Henke 29th February 1968) have known each other for nearly 3 years. Every Monday we make music together, play music from all type and sing a little bit. After being involved in the last two tribute projects, we decided to take part in this project too.

We chose this song, because it would be our greatest pleasure to leave our men alone at a river without clothes (we are married both 17/10 years now, and sometimes it would be needful to do so).

Susanne did the picking part on a 6-string western guitar and Heike the playing on a 12-string guitar and the singing.

We have had many problems in recording this song. We couldn't find the right place to sing. At first we recorded it in the kitchen, but it sounded like in a church. Then we took our chairs and went outside in the rainy and windy garden under a roof. At last we took our guitars and drove to Heike. But after playing the song so very often, we found it very hard to play it without mistakes. We played it at least 25 times.