One Planet One Love

Separate Tables

John A. Ardelli from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm an aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker. My first completed screenplay is a sequel to Jim Henson's THE DARK CRYSTAL titled THE CRYSTAL OF TRUTH. The story for that sequel was inspired in part by Chris de Burgh's "The Leader/The Vision/What About Me?" and "The Simple Truth." I'm also developing another screenplay, TURNING ROUND, partially inspired by the Chris de Burgh song. I've also written unproduced teleplays for STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9, ROAD TO AVONLEA and ENTERPRISE.

Most of my screenplays and teleplays are inspired by my own personal feelings. I find Chris de Burgh's music has the power to help crystalize those feelings into a solid basis for a story. Several of my screenplay ideas (as yet undeveloped) are either inspired by or directly based on his work.

I've been a fan of Chris De Burgh's music since 1987 when I first heard the album SPANISH TRAIN AND OTHER STORIES at a neighbour's house. Now 13 years later, I own almost ALL of his albums.

I attended my first Chris De Burgh concert in April 2000 in Halifax.

My rendition of "Separate Tables" was produced on a Combo Drive Flat Panel iMac using Mac OS X 10.3. Recording and mixing was done on Felt Tip Sound Studio, and mastering on iTunes 4.1. Backing music was provided by Brian Morton. Photograph by Tanya Whiffen.

I dedicate this song to The Angel of Warmth.