One Planet One Love

Living On The Island

Hannelore Müller from Lohmar, Germany

Claudia Gerike from Marburg, Germany

Willi Gerike from Marburg, Germany

Silvia Hartmann from Siegen, Germany

Andy Hartmann from Siegen, Germany

We (Lore, Silvia, Willi and Claudia, members of the mailing-list) are Chris de Burgh fans from different parts of Germany, aged from 25 to 51, who, two years ago, had the great pleasure to appear on the Chris de Burgh tribute CD Vol. 2. About half a year later, we met in Marburg, and while listening to “The Getaway”, someone said “Living on the Island” would be a good song to record. We got Andy (19) , Silvia’s brother, to accompany us with his guitar. It took 1 ½ years, until we got it realised, but: What takes long to get ready will turn out well in the end.

Thanks to Andy for the playback and Stefan Heinen, Siegen / Germany ( for recording.