One Planet One Love

When I was asked to be chair of this year's tribute CD project, I hesitated as without doubt this year has been one of the most important and challenging ones for me on a personal level: my son Robin was born in February. I wasn't sure if I could find the time necessary to put into this project.

But then again this is the fourth year of this beautiful project, and I knew I could count on the experienced committee, so that most of the work would just flow easily. And I wasn't disappointed. The result which is lying here before you is once again an amazing mixture of Chris de Burgh songs, interpreted by his fans from all over the world.

The beauty of the project for me has always been how fans from all different corners of our planet (this year we have tracks from Canada, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Spain, USA and Syria) come together through cyberspace and unite in love to honour their favourite singer and songwriter. Therefore the title "One Planet One Love" explains all this just perfectly.

This year's CD is a mixture of old and new CdeB songs, some well-known, others almost forgotten. They are performed by single fans, duos or groups, professional as well as amateur musicians. You can even find an instrumental, a parody or a Spanish version this year. And all the tracks have one thing in common: They were performed with a lot of love and admiration for the one who wrote all these wonderful tracks.

There will surely be another project next year, and maybe we will hear YOU perform then? That would be great! But for now, please enjoy listening to the 2003 collection.

Astrid Nolde-Gallasch
Chair of CdeB Tribute 2003

Mastered and engineered by: Cesar Quintero
Choice of tracks (listening jury): Cesar Quintero, Brian Morton, Axel Jeder and Diana Sanz
Booklet design: Diana Sanz
Cover Graphics by: Shadi Kharouf
Choice of cover graphic (graphic jury): Diana Sanz, Chris Williams, Morten Rose, Linda Howitt and Muhammad Sabet
Website Design / Communication: Astrid Nolde-Gallasch
Distribution: Chris Williams, Kathy Hobson and many more