A Way Across The Universe

The Same Sun

Claudia Schreiber from Solingen, Germany

I'm very proud to take part in this project for the 2nd time already. I'm 29 years old and the co-owner of 2 discos in Germany. In one of them many fans gathered for the international meeting last year. Chris' songs are not really part of the daily business there, but always join me in private. "The same sun" has a special meaning to me, because when I had my first boyfriend, long ago my grandparents invited me to a 3 weeks holiday, and we were really, really sad about the many miles between us. Only the fact of sharing the same moon at night made us find consolation. So when I first listened to Chris' song, it sent shivers down my spine, remembering I had the same feeling years ago. I hope we all will be able to enjoy Chris' music for many, many more years!