A Way Across The Universe

The Traveller

Brian Morton from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Cesar Quintero from Madrid, Spain

A year ago, in the last tribute CD making, Cesar D. Quintero and Brian Morton not only enjoyed doing their contributions as committee members and song players but also discovered the beauty in the idea of people being from every part of the world working together. They also felt a similar wavelength of thinking in each other, though they were worlds apart, being the first from Spain and the second from Canada, some 10.000 miles away...

So this year, each of them thought on their own it would be great, following the spirit of the tribute project, to make a song together recorded in Canada and in Spain, under a nickname to keep the secret a little bit longer, and when one of them told the other, the other just said: "That was what I was about to ask you..." And on they went...

First they chose the song. The traveller fits really nice to the idea of this travelling song... Then which instruments would play each one..., the bass, the drums, the guitars, pianos, the voices, the secondary voices... The first draft started in Canada and the final song was finished and polished in Spain... Now they even have a picture of both, but I know they're trying to take this picture in real life... 10.000 miles is a breeze for two friends from worlds apart who want to meet again... for the first time.