A Way Across The Universe

Love Of The Heart Divine

John Ardelli from Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

I'm an aspiring screenwriter and filmmaker. I'm currently working on a screenplay, TURNING ROUND, partially inspired by the Chris de Burgh song of the same name. My first completed screenplay is a sequel to Jim Henson's THE DARK CRYSTAL titled THE CRYSTAL OF TRUTH. The story for that sequel was inspired in part by Chris de Burgh's "The Leader/The Vision/What About Me?" and "The Simple Truth."

I've also written unproduced teleplays for STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 and ROAD TO AVONLEA and am developing a teleplay for ENTERPRISE. I draw much of my inspiration for my writing from Chris de Burgh's music, either directly or indirectly. Several of my screenplay ideas (as yet undeveloped) are based on his work.

I've been a fan of Chris De Burgh's music since 1987 when I first heard the album SPANISH TRAIN AND OTHER STORIES at a neighbour's house. Now 13 years later, I own almost ALL of his albums.

I attended my first Chris De Burgh concert in April 2000 in Halifax.

My rendition of "Love of the Heart Devine" was produced on a Combo Drive Flat Panel iMac using Mac OS X 10.1.4. Recording and mixing was done on Felt Tip Sound Studio, and mastering on iTunes 2. Backing music was provided by Brian Morton. Unlike my entry for the first disc, this entry was specifically recorded for this collection, and was the first song I recorded using Felt Tip Sound Studio.