A Way Across The Universe

Sailing Away

Axel Jeder from Aachen, Germany

I'm a student of mechanical engineering, born on 24th October 1973 and I live in Aachen, Germany.

After the last tribute CDs have been so popular with the fans and with Chris de Burgh himself, I decided to join in again, also because it is so much fun to make music and get some feedback from others. Just recently I have been thrown into cold water at a wedding and had to play a few songs on the guitar in front of 100 guests. As the bride was dressed in red, I figured a certain song would be the perfect ending. :) The atmosphere was great and I was running out of songs. :(

I think it is always very important to go back to the roots in music. With that I mean to make music as the musician has thought about it before a mega project has been built from it in the studio. And "Sailing Away", like Chris de Burgh has played it at his recent solo concerts, is for me the origin of these songs. A melody in the head and an accompaniment to go with it. I have deliberately left out any computer add-ons like a lot of echo or rhythm.