A Way Across The Universe

A Rainy Night In Paris

Morten Rose from Hvidovre (near Copenhagen), Denmark

Line Palle Jørgensen from Hvidovre (near Copenhagen), Denmark

"Why I have chosen this song?"

I will tell you…. It was a rainy night in Denmark, and my phone rang. It was a long distant call from Spain, and a young talented singer called Cesar, begged me to do a duet with him for the 3rd CdeB tribute album. I was flattered, but had to reject him, because I had just signed a contract with a Danish singer, Line Palle Jørgensen who I was supposed to make a duet with. The poor guy was crying in the phone, and I felt pity for him. I told him that I would allow him to play the music for our duet! - He yelled happily into the phone and said "What song do you want to make", and I told him that I wasn't sure yet, but I would let him know. "How long" he said "How long?" And suddenly - I don't know why - I knew that "A rainy night in Paris" would be my choice for this year's tribute album.

The guy was happy because he would be a part of my project after all, but I could hear in his voice that he really wanted to sing too, so I suggested that he asks another one to make a duet with him, and actually, I think he did. ;-)