A Way Across The Universe

Here Is Your Paradise

Diana Müller from Schlüchtern (near Fulda), Germany

Sandra Pleyer from Friedberg, Germany

We both work in Frankfurt and became friends shortly after Chris de Burgh's autograph session here in Frankfurt in October 1999. Soon thereafter we joined the mailing list and made more good friends for which we are very grateful. Working in the same city makes it easy for us to meet each other. During one of our meetings we talked about the Tribute CD and that it would be great to take part in this years project. So we thought: Lets give it a try! We took all our courage and recorded a song together for this nice project - just for fun. It was a great experience. Many thanks to Ulf Graehlert for his technical support and patience :-)

Here is your paradise is an amazing song that touches really deep. We both like the version Chris recently played during his solo concerts very much and so we also recorded it just with piano and vocals.