A Way Across The Universe

Patricia The Stripper

Cesar Quintero from Madrid, Spain

Hi everybody!... I'm a 30 years old singer / songwriter / IT Consultant (whew, talk about strange combinations...) who lives in Spain, with my wife Kitty, my cat Bolita, and a little girl on the way!... :). I had the luck to be one of the first listmembers, back in 1995 or 1996 (time goes so fast) when we were a very little "family" joined around CdeB's music. Being part of this "family" has given me the honour to be friends with a lot of great people from all around the world, and even has given me the chance to meet Chris de Burgh in person!... He even signed my Acoustic Ovation 12 strings Guitar, which I bought because it was the same model he used in his live concert in Dublin, letting me know one of the best living songwriters in the world, and leaving me with the pride of having met him.

I enjoy so much participating in these Tribute CDs, and as I had the privilege to be this year's chairman, that I did want to do a very good job on my cover song, not "just anything"... So I chose "Patricia the Stripper" for it was the song that would let me explore at its most the "theatrical" expression of the song and have a good laugh at the same time... I know Chris enjoys singing this song live... I can feel it when he sings it... Now I hope all of you can feel what a great time I was having when I sang it and join me for a last "saturday night, in nineteen twenty four....." Wheeeew hoooooo"