A Way Across The Universe

It was 1989 when I bought a tape from an unknown singer/songwriter (at least to me) named Chris de Burgh who had a song my little sister liked very much... I was on a trip and she would like a lot this present when I'd go home to Spain... The idea was good. The only problem is that I listened to the tape before I gave it to her and fell in love with its music... Of course, my sister never had this tape as her present...

Everybody has a different starting story with CdeB... To some people, a friend would play them his music and ask them to listen, others may have caught a song playing on the radio, some other people would have received it as a present (and then is my sister, but that's another story...). We all have different stories, as we are different people from different parts of this wide world... And we all have one thing in common. Our love for the music of Chris de Burgh.

It was around 1996 when I joined a mailing list with the common theme of CdeB (thanks again Joe and Ted). We were not more than 15 people but suddenly I found myself talking with people from all over the world with common interests and realized that was the beauty of the Internet, to join and let people get together, nevertheless the part of the world they were in... But we could push it a step further... We could do something together!... Some of us were musicians, so I had the idea of making a tribute CD to Chris de Burgh, similar to some other tributes I had noticed. The idea didn't catch up (we were a very small family by then) but after some years (we're more than 750 now) the idea came up again and as a plant that now has strong roots, the first tribute CD had been born!...

This is 2002, and this is already the third Tribute CD to that great singer/songwriter that is Chris de Burgh in this annual tradition we're building together, and I can promise the quality of each one of the tracks has risen admirably year after year. We must keep in mind this is just a project made by fans, normal people like you and me which had to find their way across every difficulty to record their covers of songs they know by heart. If we didn't, we probably would not notice the difference...

Nothing makes me prouder than belonging to this group of individuals who have worked together once again for this project you now have in front of you. It doesn't matter our age, sex, race, country or religion. We all work in this with our heart and that is enough for all of us. And with the heart we sing too... Sometimes we all hear in the radio unflawed but soul-less songs. They have their value, but... you won't find any of that in this CD. All songs have been prepared, recorded and sung with the heart. I can hear it clearly... Can you hear it too?...

Join us next year for the CdeB Tribute 2003!

Cesar D. Quintero
Chair of CdeB Tribute 2002

Mastered and engineered by: Cesar Quintero
Choice of tracks (listening jury): Cesar Quintero, Brian Morton, Axel Jeder, Patrick Maher and Astrid Nolde-Gallasch
Booklet design: Diana Sanz
Cover Graphics by: Muhammad Sabet
Choice of cover graphic (graphic jury): Diana Sanz, Chris Williams, Morten Rose, Linda Howitt and Muhammad Sabet
Website Design / Communication: Astrid Nolde-Gallasch
Distribution: Iris Rudeseal, Chris Williams, Kathy Hobson and many more